Environmental Assessments and Permitting

Possess experience and expertise in securing environmental approval for numerous projects within some of the most sensitive and challenging environmental conditions.

An environmental permit is a prerequisite for most development projects. The AESG team has extensive experience with all relevant authorities in our operational markets, having attained environmental permits for an array of mega projects alongside major architects, urban planners and engineering firms.

While permitting requirements may vary depending on individual authority requirements and project-specific elements, environmental permitting will typically entail an application process culminating in the submission of an environmental impact assessment (EIA). EIAs vary in depth and scope depending on the project scale and type, as well as the sensitivity of the project site and area of impact. 

With full in-house capabilities for baseline testing, ecology surveying, environmental modelling, GIS mapping, and reporting, AESG offers a comprehensive and holistic service which guarantees the smooth and streamlined implementation of any project.

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Nivine Issa
Partner and Global Environmental Director

Our Services include:
  • Environmental Permit Applications
  • Terms of Reference and Scoping Report
  • Baseline Environmental Surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Summaries and Initial Environmental Examinations
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Ecological Surveying
  • Environmental Monitoring and Testing
  • GIS Mapping