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Digital Asset Management for the Built Environment

Digital Asset Management for the Built Environment

Commissioning & Handover Information has not changed, but how you manage it has. Data+ is AESG’s proprietary web-based digital platform that provides a single source of truth to capture key information throughout an assets lifecycle.

Through Data+, AESG provide a secure, collaborative environment to provide a trusted source of truth for all stakeholders and project teams.

Digital Asset Management for the Built Environment

Take Control with a Process Driven, User-Friendly Interface

By adopting an integrated, digital approach across handover and commissioning, AESG are committed to leading the data revolution in the built environment.

Digital Handover Management

AESG understand that the delivery and use of handover information is a constant source of frustration. By supporting project teams and supply chains with a process-driven approach plus a user-friendly interface AESG can produce accurate and verified handover information that is used beyond DLP and into operation.

Real Time Status and Forecasting

From tracking KPIs to workflows and issue logs, our digital approach to tracking commissioning provide owners, project teams and facility managers the ability to make decisions based on data.

Digital Commissioning Management

Our digital commissioning management module can be easily deployed on projects to manage the entire commissioning process from pre-design to close-out. Data + can quantify and organize commissioning data while seamlessly tracking KPIs, workflows and issues logs to provide project teams with real-time commissioning status with forecasts that can be accessed anywhere 24/7.

Digital Asset Management for the Built Environment

Digital Twins & IoT Integration

Validated handover and commissioning data can be integrated and interfaced with IoT devices and Building Management Systems to perform powerful, contextual insights and analytics of live asset data. Our digital twins can improve efficiencies and optimize system operations throughout buildings’ lifecycle.

Digital Asset Management for the Built Environment

Our Services include:
  • Digital O&M Manuals
  • Digital Commissioning Management
  • 3D Model Asset Data Integration
  • COBie Deliverables
  • CAFM Integration
  • Digital Twins
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • IoT Integration
  • Building Performance Analytics