Key People

The AESG team is underpinned by over 200 experienced specialists who are ambitious and driven by their passion to deliver exceptional services to our clients and partners across the globe.

Learn more about AESG’s leaders who are collectively responsible for delivering on our commitment to help clients solve their greatest challenges through collaboration, innovation and advanced technical solutions thus ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Saeed Al Abbar

CEO, Dubai

Scott Coombes

Managing Partner, Dubai

Phillipa Grant

Partner and Global Sustainability Director, UK

Nivine Issa

Partner and Global Environmental Director, Dubai

Katarina Uherova Hasbani

Partner and Global Director of Strategy and Advisory, Dubai

Daria Kelly

Director of Operations, Dubai

James Dickson

Global Director of Facades, UK

Adam Muggleton

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Lobsey

UK Country Director

James Healey

Director of Acoustics, UK

Hong Liang

Director of Fire and Life Safety, UK

Lindsey Malcolm

Associate Sustainability Director, Dubai

Marina Kindelan

Associate Facades Director, Dubai

Jessika Nicolas

Associate Environmental Director, Dubai

Chouaib Lekmiti

Technical Director of Facades, UK

April Soh

Technical Director of Facades, Singapore

Alvin Quah

Technical Director, Fire and Life Safety, Singapore

Jianqiang Mai

Technical Director, Fire and Life Safety, UK

Martin Williamson

Head of Commissioning, Dubai

Heinrich Botes

Head of Finance & Business Excellence, Dubai

Hani Abdel Razeq

Associate Director, KSA Team Lead

Daniel Harrison

Principal Acoustics Consultant, Dubai

Jamie Whitehouse

Principal Ecologist, Singapore

Abdullah Faza

Fire and Life Safety Division Manager, UAE

James Kelland

Fire and Life Safety Technical Manager

Tamara Bajic

Manager – Net Zero Advisory, Dubai

Rehan Haider

HSE Manager, Dubai

Sam Luker

Associate Sustainability Consultant, UK

Rohan Chandavarkar

Associate - Digital Delivery, Dubai

Gennaro De Marco

Associate Facade Consultant, Dubai

Sara Jaber

Associate Sustainability Consultant, Dubai

Aza Elnimah

Associate Sustainability Consultant, Dubai

Sara Rahme

Associate Environmental Consultant, Dubai

Alicia Dauth

Associate Environmental Consultant

Ara Nik

Senior Sustainability Consultant, UK

Aisling Clifford

Senior Environmental Consultant, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tom Townley

Senior Commissioning Manager, Dubai

Luke Sheridan

Senior Commissioning Manager, UK

Mark Derbyshire

Commissioning Manager, Dubai

Kieran Davies

Fire and Life Safety Division Manager, UK

Arianne Pedroso

Bid Manager, Dubai

Jose Vasquez

Senior Acoustics Consultant, Dubai