Why Join AESG?

AESG has a range of specialist departments, including energy and sustainable development; facade design and engineering; building performance and commissioning; environment and waste management; fire and life safety and acoustics, as well as within our operations and commercial team. By joining AESG, employees are exposed to a progressive, lively and collaborative environment, working on some of the world’s leading developments and tackling our client’s greatest challenges.

AESG are committed to building on our employees’ areas of specialism and focal interest points, supporting individual professional development through a structured training and mentorship program. Allowing individuals to flourish by enabling them to take on positions of responsibility at an early stage, and providing clear career progression pathways for all.

Through our world class reputation for innovative thinking, pushing projects to out-perform expectations through smart application of planning, engineering and architectural solutions, our project portfolio includes some of the world’s most forward thinking and exciting new developments. Our team highly values the quality and diversity of projects on which they work.

As a leading consultancy firm, AESG recognise that our greatest strength is our people, and therefore continuously strive to go above and beyond business as usual when caring for the physical and mental health of our team. As such, AESG run several initiatives throughout the year to promote the health and well-being of the team, including team building fitness activities, social events and the provision of a healthy work space. These efforts have led to a collaborative, cohesive and engaging environment enjoyed by all.

Hear from the team

On why AESG is a great place to work

Company Culture

At AESG we have an open, friendly and approachable work environment. By encouraging a culture that creates great opportunities, AESG ensures that employees feel great about how they contribute to the whole. This in turn allows us to be passionate about the culture, work and the business and has a meaningful influence on our society.

- Masa Samra Senior Sustainability Consultant

Gender Diversity

I am proud of AESG’s gender equal workforce. AESG recognises the importance of a gender equal workplace and focuses on equal rights, promotions and pay, as well as a fair hiring process which is why women are already well represented in senior positions.

- Liezel Penaroyo Admin Manager

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a part of AEGS’s CSR, gives me the opportunity to positively contribute to our sustainable and environmental commitments. We can be the change we want to see in the world by actively participating through a number of integrated activities - always considering our community and stakeholders while keeping a high employee wellbeing culture to really practice what we preach, creating a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the markets that we work.

- Alicia Dauth Associate Environmental Consultant

One Team Approach

We as a team are passionate, reliable, ambitious and dynamic. We are committed to help solve our clients greatest challenges together as ‘one team’, because when our clients succeed we succeed.

- Abdullah Faza Fire and Life Safety Division Manager, UAE

Great Place to Work

“Being a part of AESG has given me an overview of how sustainability is becoming the core of almost every business. Being involved in different projects from various industries has taught me new things every day!I am surrounded by talented and ambitious colleagues, and this has enabled me to learn so much and enhance my skills by working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Here at AESG, all the specialist divisions are well connected across all the regions we cover, forming a big team where we share knowledge, skills and achieve great things together!”

- Talal Alothman Decarbonization & Sustainability Analyst