Circular Economy

Development of circular economy strategies, optimising the re-use of existing materials and minimising material waste across the construction supply chain.

Achieving a more circular economy is key to the reduction of embodied carbon emissions within the construction industry, as well as providing a response to supply chain issues facing certain material streams across our regions of operation. Auditing of existing materials, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the local supply chain, allows for the development of circular economy strategies that prioritise material re-use. 

By combining our design and construction expertise across our energy and sustainability teams, AESG are able to identify and propose practical and feasible solutions to achieve a more circular economy within development projects. Our understanding of the local supply chain across all of our regions of operation enables us to source suitable materials and connect suppliers with clients. Through proper planning, coordination and collaboration, challenges such as warranty/liability and product quality issues can be overcome. 

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Phillipa Grant
Partner and Global Sustainability Director


Nicholas Byczynski
Director of Sustainable Engineering, Dubai

Our Services include:
  • Circular Economy Strategies
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessment
  • Embodied Carbon Assessment
  • Circular Economy Audit