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Martin Williamson
Head of Commissioning


Adam Muggleton
Chief Technical Officer


Commissioning Management

Commissioning Management (CxM) is the leadership, planning, organisation, co-ordination, and verification of building commissioning activities. 

Commissioning management is a combination of technical project management and technical whole building commissioning. It is normally beyond the skill sets of full time project managers and process only commissioning specialists. When delivered correctly, commissioning management provides:

  • Building commissioning + engineering expertise
  • Project management skills
  • Leadership capabilities + soft skills

AESG apply technology to the commissioning process with Data +, our proprietary web-based digital platform. Data + serves as the clients ‘single source of truth’ that captures and manages key information throughout the commissioning process.

AESG take a client advocacy perspective when delivering commissioning management services. AESG also believe that early appointment in the design process provides optimum value for our clients. 

Our Services include:
  • Client representation and advocacy 
  • Leadership and management of the entire commissioning process
  • Design documents commissionability reviews
  • Preparing co-ordinated commissioning programmes and logic networks
  • Factory acceptance testing management and verification (FAT)
  • Monitor and review installations during construction
  • Installation site acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Start-up and pre-functional testing (PFT)
  • Systems functional performance testing (FPT)
  • Integrated systems testing (IST)
  • Commissioning data management
  • Client training and advisory
  • Certification of systems and building commissioning completion
  • Management of data centre Uptime Institute certification