Energy Audits

Auditing of existing buildings, estates and portfolios to identify the existing conditions and develop engineered strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

In order to achieve true net zero carbon within the built environment, the existing building stock must be addressed to reduce operational emissions. Updates to regulations are also beginning to tackle the existing building issue, with higher performance being required in some countries in order to allow financial transactions (i.e. lease or sale events) to occur. Auditing of existing buildings allows for the assessment of the current performance in order to baseline and benchmark against industry standards, best practice and client specific targets. 

AESG’s expert energy team can conduct energy audit activities to gain an in depth understanding of the operational performance. Engineered solutions may then be suggested, following a fabric-first approach, in order to improve performance and reduction operational emissions. In many cases, the implementation of energy retrofits also result in improved comfort conditions, such as increased daylight penetrating and better thermal comfort. Deep retrofits that are applied in a systematic manner achieve much greater results that ad-hoc, individual retrofit activities. Energy auditing therefore allows for proper planning as well as generating data to accurately measure and report on the results of the retrofit activity.

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Our Services include:
  • Energy Auditing
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