Independent Verification

Independent verification provides the client with professional, technical representation to ensure building services meet specified, employers requirements.

Independent Verification

AESG provide an independent commissioning verification and certification service by witnessing and accepting building testing and commissioning activities on behalf of the client.

The objective is to provide the client with visibility, certainty and confidence when accepting a building for occupancy.

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Martin Williamson
Head of Commissioning


Adam Muggleton
Chief Technical Officer

Our Services include:

AESG Employers independent verification services include:

  • Due diligence surveys
  • Building condition assessments
  • Representation of clients at meetings
  • Progress reporting
  • Reviewing design and installation drawings for commissionability
  • Gap analysis
  • Witnessing factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Review of commissioning programme and method statements
  • Monitor and review installations during construction
  • Witness all FPT + IST
  • Collation and review of all commissioning and test results
  • Review and verification of design and as built documents
  • Certification of systems and building commissioning completion