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Digital Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. We help you stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver and operate efficient, sustainable and smart built assets.

WiredScore is the organisation behind the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications: the internationally recognised digital connectivity and smart building rating systems for real estate, helping landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capabilities. WiredScore was founded in New York in 2013 by leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications, with an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg, to improve the city’s technology infrastructure, and support its entrepreneurs who are driving technological advances and creating jobs.

WiredScore sets the global standards for technology in buildings. What matters to tenants is resilience to potential outages, a seamless digital connectivity experience, access to uninterrupted mobile coverage, high speed competitive fibre providers and the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies.

Our WiredScore accredited professionals will translate complicated telecommunications and engineering language into clear value for brokers and tenants who will gain bench-marking analysis to help guide future-proofing decisions and investments. With a WiredScore certification, your business can help brand itself and its assets as technologically forward thinking. This will enable building owners to get ahead of the fast-changing and complex tenant technology demands.

SmartScore is a global smart building certification, helping landlords understand, improve, and communicate the user functionality and technological foundations of their buildings.

With a SmartScore certification, landlords can objectively market their building as ‘smart’ and benchmark it against other buildings in the market, as well as within their portfolio. Tenants too will clearly understand the technological capability of a building and can use it as a benchmark when searching for office space to understand how the office will work for them.

This SmartScore certification will ensure that the built asset is smart and is focused on how a building serves its occupants. 

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Our Services include:
  • WiredScore – Assessments & Certifications
  • SmartScore – Assessments & Certifications
  • Digital Connectivity – Planning, Design & Benchmarking
  • Smart Buildings – Strategy, Advisory & Implementation
  • Building Performance Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Tenant Enablement Strategies
  • Digital Twin Implementation