Aquifer Storage and Recovery


AESG is currently the environmental consultant on an aquifer storage and recovery project being developed by DEWA within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This project will consist of injection of desalinated seawater into the existing aquifer and is being designed and implemented to act as a contingency water supply source in case of any interruptions in water supply within the Emirate.

Given the project’s highly sensitive location, a detailed site survey was conducted to establish baseline conditions within the reserve. This consisted of a visual survey as well as an in-depth ecology survey to identify flora and fauna within the reserve. Baseline testing for air quality and noise monitoring was also conducted. An environmental impact assessment is underway for the project, with special consideration given to impacts on ecology as well as impacts of long-term mixing of desalinated seawater with native groundwater.

  • Detailed Site Assessment
  • Terms of Reference
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Client: DEWA
  • Consultant: Dornier Consulting International
  • Scope: Environment
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Dates: 2018
Aquifer Storage and Recovery