Climate Change Risk Assessment

Identifying the risk posed to a development site from climate change during the transaction stage can result in significant cost savings.

Climate change is having a notable and ever-increasing impact on the built environment. More extreme weather events are resulting in flooding while the rising ambient temperature is leading to heat waves, further exacerbated by the urban heat island effect. Careful planning and design interventions can manage and mitigate these impacts; however, these solutions can be costly and identification of the risk posed at the transaction stage can therefore lead to assessment of the associated costs to manage financial exposure.

AESG’s environmental experts include climate modelling specialists, using the latest available data climate change impact can be forecast to assess future climate scenarios. Remediation, management and mitigations measures are then identified to ensure the future safeguarding of the development. 

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Nivine Issa
Partner and Global Environmental Director


Ara Nik
Associate Sustainability Consultant, UK

Our Services include:
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Overheating Assessment
  • Thermal Comfort Modelling
  • Urban Heat Island Modelling
  • Climate Change Scenario
  • Climate Resilient Design Strategies
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • Net Zero Carbon Strategies