Sustainable Urban Planning

We are leaders in the field of sustainable urban planning and design and are committed to helping clients in the development of cities and communities, with an occupant and environment centric design approach at its very core.

Sustainable city planning, along with the associated drivers of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is centred around the development of a sound sustainability strategy with a focus on community liveability and operational efficiency. To this end, AESG’s sustainable urban planning team assists clients in the development of cities and communities with an occupant and environment-centric design approach. 

Improved connectivity, an active outdoor urban environment and efficient supply and demand of utilities and resources are prioritised, while enhancing the overall environmental, social and economic impact of the development. From climatic analysis and passive design measures at the conceptual stages of the design, through to consideration of smart city strategies and the correct application of technology and innovation, natural capital and urban resilience can be safe-guarded through strategic planning solutions. 

Our multidisciplinary team of architects, urban planners, engineers and urban physicists have worked on master plan developments around the world, across a range of diverse projects achieving third party recognition including BREEAM Communities, LEED ND, CEEQUAL and Estidama PCRS certifications, as well as supporting the development of new rating systems by piloting the first LEED for Cities, WELL for Communities and Mostadam for Communities certifications.

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Phillipa Grant
Partner and Global Sustainability Director

Our Services include:
  • Sustainability Strategies and Appraisals
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • Natural Capital
  • Whole Life Carbon
  • Urban Physics
  • Climate Studies
  • Sustainable planning certifications (LEED, Estidama, CEEQUAL, BREEAM, WELL, Mostadam etc.)