Thermal Dynamic Modelling

Through the use of advanced modelling and simulation techniques, our experts push for an efficient, optimised and precisely engineered design proposal.

AESG utilises dynamic simulation methods to test and optimise the effectiveness of design solutions in meeting project criteria. With the use of advanced simulation techniques, solutions can be optimised and precision engineered to maximise the value of design proposals. Modelling and simulation can be conducted at early stages in the design process to assess passive design measures and to enhance comfort parameters. 

AESG’s in-house specialists work closely with project teams to optimise designs, consistently demonstrating substantial capital and operational cost savings to Clients through this process. By offering a full suite of modelling and simulation services in-house, excellent communication within project teams is ensured, allowing for instantaneous response to model outputs and integration within the design at the optimum moment.

Through thermal dynamic modelling in IES-VE, our team are able to assess the predicted energy performance as well as the comfort conditions such as thermal comfort, daylight and glare. Thermal dynamic modelling is completed in accordance with applicable industry standards/guidance, as well as any project specific methodologies dependent on the sustainability certification strategy.

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Phillipa Grant
Partner and Global Sustainability Director


Nicholas Byczynski
Director of Sustainable Engineering, Dubai

Our Services include:
  • Energy Modelling (CIBSE TM 54)
  • Thermal Comfort Modelling (CIBSE TM52 / TM59)
  • Nabers Design for Performance (DfP)
  • Green Building Certification Compliance (e.g. BREEAM, LEED, Estidama, Mostadam etc.)
  • Overheating Assessment (Approved Document O)
  • Daylight and Lighting Simulation
  • Internal and External Climatic Analysis
  • Parametric Modelling and Optimisation