Identify and Remediate Buildings and make them Safer for Occupants

By: Benjamin Clark

Date Published: February 10, 2023

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Now is the time to identify and remediate your buildings, and make them safer for occupants

Last week, the Government announced that developers have six weeks to sign a contract, agreeing to pay for all necessary work to make their buildings safe. As one of the most dramatic policy interventions in recent times, the far-reaching implications are beginning to sink in, for those who are behind the curve.

As one of the world’s leading specialists in façades, fire and life safety, AESG has been helping clients identify and remediate their buildings for a number of years, in order to stay ahead of the ever-tightening regulations.

There will inevitably be a capacity and resourcing issue within the industry, given the sweeping nature of these reforms. There are already signs of a backlog and shortage of specialist skills with availability of access companies and experienced remediation contractors becoming more and more pressurised. Now is the ideal time to identify the issues within your building portfolio, and to start planning your programme of works.

AESG has been working with some of the largest Developers, Contractors, Investment Funds and Building Operators, to increase fire safety and reduce the risk for building occupants. 

Ben Clark, UK External Wall Team Lead for AESG notes;

“We are proud that our clients have already taken the initiative and acknowledged their responsibility to remediate the failings of the past, following commitments made in the Developers Pledge last year. Many of them are well along the path of identifying and remediating their building portfolios. We have been building up our team over the last few years, with all the specialist knowledge and experience required to achieve the right outcomes. Our External Wall Team seamlessly blends highly experienced and technically excellent people from our Fire & Life Safety and Facades core disciplines. We have some of the shortest turn-around times that have been achieved, in an increasingly over-extended market. “

About AESG

AESG is a specialist consultancy, providing industry leading advisory and consultancy services for Sustainability, Fire & Life Safety, Facades, with its UK Office established in 2019.

Our services for External Wall investigation, remediation and advisory include:

  • EWS1 Production (all outcomes and building heights)
  • Fire Risk Appraisal for External Wall (FRAEW) using PAS9980 methodology
  • Documentation Review
  • Investigation Scoping
  • Inspections of As-built External Walls
  • Remediation Packages
  • Remediation Technical Tender Reviews
  • Remediation Construction Monitoring
  • External Wall Fire Reports
  • Peer Reviews
  • Expert Advisory/Recovery Support

Additionally, AESG offer in-house Fire Engineering services including:

  • Fire Strategies (Planning, Design & Construction Stages)
  • Fire Statements
  • Engineering Judgements
  • Complex Design Support (Structural Fire Engineering, CFD, Radiant Heat etc)

Contact for further enquiries:

Benjamin Clark

How can AESG help?

AESG is a specialist consultancy, engineering and advisory firm with offices in London, Dubai. Riyadh and Singapore working on projects throughout Europe, Asia and Middle East. We pride ourselves as industry leaders in each of the services that we offer. We have one of the largest dedicated teams with decades of cumulative experience in sustainable design, fire and life safety, façade engineering, building commissioning and digital asset management, waste management, environmental consultancy, strategy and advisory, acoustics, cost management and carbon management.

Benjamin Clark

Associate Facades Director, AESG

Benjamin is our Associate Facades Director for the UK. He is an Engineer and Project/Design Manager with over 19 years’ experience, within Australia and the Middle East. He has worked on a wide variety of projects covering both master plan and building developments across the spectrum of high rise, hospitality, leisure, retail, industrial, commercial, and domestic buildings.

With a personal interest in specialist Facades and Architectural Structures, Ben is an experienced multi-discipline consultant, being involved with projects during all the different phases of the development and construction sequence which has allowed for significant understanding of all building disciplines, construction processes and trades.

Whilst being actively involved in project delivery as a discipline lead, with his background in Structural and Façade Engineer, led Ben into broadening his focus and assuming greater leadership responsibility of multi-discipline design teams as a Project and Design Manager in which he has excelled in delivering some of the larger and more complex projects in the Middle East region. Ben has demonstrated an ability to develop strong rapport and trust with both clients and consultants alike. Throughout his career he has worked collaboratively with and alongside many overseas based international consultant teams in delivering exceptional designs and project outcomes for key clients. Ben is a natural problem-solver and always demonstrates a flexible and proactive attitude to leading design teams, particularly when addressing and resolving issues if encountered.

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