Waste Planning

We support our clients in the development of integrated waste management plans that contribute to the betterment of the global waste crisis and national targets for waste management.

With waste being increasingly evident on national agendas worldwide, waste planning and design has become an essential component of any master plan design. Mixed use, commercial, residential and industrial developments have the potential to significantly address and contribute to the betterment of the global waste crisis. AESG’s waste management experts have helped numerous clients on a multitude of development typologies to develop waste management strategies that embed the 3R’s principle, contributing to national targets for waste management.

Covering municipal solid waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and construction and demolition waste, our experts can help plan and design an integrated waste management scheme for any type of development. From estimating expected waste volumes, investigating different waste collection and handling options through to setting design criteria for waste treatment and storage, our experts can help design waste management systems that are efficient, sustainable and cost effective.

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Matthew Jones
Director - Environment

Our Services include:
  • Waste Planning and Design
  • Pneumatic Waste Collection Systems
  • Feasibility Assessment of Waste Treatment Options
  • WRATE Waste Modelling
  • Operational Waste Management Plans