Whole Life Carbon

Whole Life Carbon (WLC) modelling and to assess and advise on both embodied and operational carbon across the full life-cycle of a development, in line with the latest industry standards and best practice guidance.

City, community and building-scale carbon management planning requires a smart approach throughout the briefing and development stage of a project, beginning with an analysis of the existing infrastructure and environmental / climatic conditions to ensure that the most efficient and resilient source of energy is supplied to meet the demand. 

AESG follows a systematic approach to the development of whole life carbon strategies. Facilitated by our skilled team of energy and services engineers, alongside our sustainable planning team, we provide a cohesive and effective whole life carbon strategy encompassing both embodied and operational carbon.

Whole Life Carbon strategies are integrated across RIBA Stages to achieve the best outcome for the project. The latest guidance and standard documents are referred to for all modelling exercises (e.g. CIBSE TM54, RICS WLC Assessment for the Built Environment) and the most effective software is selected in order to gain the most realistic prediction of carbon emissions (e.g. IES VE and OneClick LCA).

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Phillipa Grant
Partner and Global Sustainability Director


Nicholas Byczynski
Director of Sustainable Engineering, Dubai

Our Services include:
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessment
  • Embodied carbon assessment (individual product and building level)
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Energy Strategies
  • Carbon Management Strategy and Design Integration
  • Circular Economy Strategies