Future Homes and the New Part L – One Step Closer to Net Zero?

By: Ara Nik and Sam Luker

Date Published: December 29, 2021

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The recent changes to Part L of the Building Regulations detail the interim measures required for all new buildings in England to reduce CO2 emissions in alignment with government’s Net Zero aspirations. Following the publication of the new regulations, buildings are mandated to reduce their operational CO2 emissions by a third, from Summer 2022.

To facilitate the achievement of this goal, the new edition of the Part L provides more stringent thresholds for designers and developers to follow. The document provides guidance regarding greater insulation requirements, thermal bridging, changes to the carbon factor of electricity, primary energy targets and air leakage testing requirements. Furthermore, 2 additional documents have been introduced: Building Regulations Part O, focusing on the Overheating risk of new buildings and Building Regulation Part S, outlining the regulations for the provision of Electric Vehicles charging facilities in new homes and other new buildings.