Fire Life Safety Strategy

Developing fire life safety strategies at the early stages of development planning can ensure regulatory compliance, providing clear design development requirements and direction.

The Fire and Life Safety sector is currently navigating through unprecedented changes to legislation and compliance. The former community’s secretary, Robert Jenrick, described it as “the most significant and fundamental change to building safety legislation in decades”.

AESG have been a front runner in implementing these changes and have now consulted on numerous schemes through the UK, proving critical guidance and support to our clients during the formulative stages of their projects. AESGs comprehension of the latest requirements enable us to simplify the process to our clients, giving them comfort that the process can run smoothly and identify at the outset exactly what is needed in order to adhere to local planning regulations.

AESG understands the nuances between national requirements and Greater London requirements associated with planning applications. Our consultants can disentangle the complicated requirements surrounding the new ‘gateway system’ proposed in the Building Safety Bill. The team can clarify and explain the ‘golden thread’ of information which will be required to be maintained throughout the life cycle of a building.


AESG responded to the UK’s Building Safety Act with the launch of our digital logbook and audit tool ‘Fire+’.

With Fire+, AESG has advanced the digitisation of building fire safety information to create a platform that provides an easily accessible solution to help both existing and new clients adhere to the new fire safety legislation, and it is exactly these sorts of cloud-based solutions that are critical to safeguarding buildings and the lives within them. 

Usable by all parties involved in a building’s lifecycle, Fire+ hosts a wealth of information ranging from fire strategies, design and construction drawings, digital audit trails, contractor submissions and BIM validation tools, to health and safety files – that ultimately provides a central access to all your key information while eliminating the duplication of effort in producing data.

The tool removes doubt or confusion surrounding data sources and accuracy and enables real confidence in building data, reducing commercial risk management and cost.

You can read AESG’s white paper on ‘Fire Statements & The London Plan 2021’, which also talks about how Fire+ can be utilised for new and existing buildings.

Read the report here:

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Hong Liang
Director of Fire and Life Safety

Our Services include:
  • Planning Applications – National and Greater London requirements
  • Initial Fire and Life Safety design review
  • Compliance with Gateway 1
  • Preparation and set up for Gateway 2 and 3
  • System set up for compliance with the ‘Golden Thread’ requirements
  • Fire engineered solutions to complex design challenges