Parametric Optimisation

AESG parametrically optimise the building envelope to enhance both building performance, in line with passive design and fabric first principles, as well as to rationalise façade systems to ease buildability.

Recent advances in computational design software has resulted in the ability to optimise complex designs through encoding design principles, allowing for rapid computational assessment of multiple design alternatives and the identification and selection of the optimum solution.

Parametric optimisation has many benefits. Rationalisation of complex façade systems can result in increased repeatability, improving buildability, reducing costs and material wastage. The creation of a lean design can also reduce the material requirement, resulting in lower embodied carbon and reduced cost.

In additional to system rationalisation, operational performance of buildings can be improved through a fabric first approach, enhancing the façade to reduce heating and cooling loads, increase daylight penetration, reduce glare and improve thermal comfort conditions.

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Our Services include:
  • Parametric Optimisation
  • Façade Design and Engineering
  • Daylight and Glare Analysis
  • Thermal Dynamic Modelling