Condition and Dilapidation Surveys

Predict Maintenance Requirements. Backed with results from condition and dilapidation surveys conducted by our team you can gain visibility into the building defects and discrepancies and accordingly plan for timely maintenance requirements.

Condition and dilapidation surveys are non-destructive, visual inspections of a building, providing the client with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the asset and its ability to perform its required function. As-built arrangements and systems – including building structure, MEP, Fire and Life Safety, façade and civil components – are compared to reference drawings, technical submittals and design documentation to identify and record any building defects or discrepancies with any equipment, system or component.

These surveys can be conducted on an existing in-use building or can be completed on a building where the construction process has been placed on-hold for a period of time.

The results of condition and dilapidation surveys can be used by clients to inform and predict short-term and long-term maintenance requirements, as well as helping to assess lifecycle replacements of building components. A condition survey is also essential to set a baseline prior to any major refurbishment of the building. Our condition surveys are undertaken in accordance with International Standards prescribed by CIBSE Code M and the RICS Surveying Safely 1st Edition Guidance.

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Martin Williamson
Head of Commissioning

Our Services include:
  • Condition and Dilapidation Surveys
  • Structural and MEP surveys
  • Asset Registers and Asset Tagging
  • Fire and Life Safety Audits
  • Code Compliance Surveys
  • Acquisition due diligence Surveys
  • Façade Surveys and Façade Testing
  • Energy Auditing and Surveying