Marine and Coastal Sciences

With our expertise in sustainable environmental planning, we have supported clients on a number of coastal developments with the aim of optimising design and reducing the overall ecological footprint of projects.

With worldwide populations agglomerating by the coast, estimated to proportionally increase in the next decade, coastal development and marine infrastructure are expected to have detrimental impacts on the integrity of natural resources and ecosystems.

Through our multidisciplinary expertise in sustainable environmental planning, AESG has completed environmental and marine studies that helped plan, design, procure and execute a multitude of marine developments, including offshore developments, reclamation and dredging projects, desalination plants, hydropower plants, marinas and ports.

We have also worked on a multitude of coastal developments alongside project architects and engineers to optimize different design components such as drainage, irrigation, landscaping, energy production and water supply to ultimately reduce the project’s overall ecological footprint.

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Nivine Issa
Partner and Global Environmental Director

Our Services include:
  • Marine Environmental Impact Assessment (MEIA)
  • Marine Ecology Surveys
    (drop down video, SCUBA diving)
  • Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Near-field and Far-field Assessment of Plume Behaviour
  • Plume and Brine Dispersion Modelling