Water Management

We support clients in the development of integrated water management systems based on principles of sustainability, efficiency and applicability, while retaining the integrity of local natural resources.

One of the most common challenges of the built environment in the global market is the quest for sustainable and circular water management. Rising population counts coupled with the ever-increasing pressure on existing natural resources and infrastructure have urged developers, project owners and governments around the world to integrate water management as an essential element of urban and community planning.

Having worked on numerous master plan developments, AESG adopts the principles of sustainability, efficiency and applicability when developing an integrated water management system. We can help develop designs that meet regulatory and performance requirements without compromising the integrity of local natural resources. AESG have worked on some of the world’s most sustainable communities, and develop integrated water management systems through exploring a multitude of planning and design components, such as sustainable utilities and infrastructure design, rainwater harvesting, recycled water, alternative water resources and demand reduction strategies.

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Nivine Issa
Partner and Global Environmental Director

Our Services include:
  • Water Planning
  • Demand Side Management
  • Water Advisory Services