Sustainable Design

Leading in sustainable innovation and advanced technical solutions, AESG address the complexities of sustainable design through a holistic and strategic approach. Applying our extensive knowledge from a whole life carbon perspective allows our multi-disciplinary team to integrate sustainability principles seamlessly throughout the design stages.

AESG’s sustainability team, comprising of architects, architectural technologists and multi-discipline engineers, bring with them a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. This broad range of expertise allows for an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges related to sustainable development across a wide spectrum of building sectors while encouraging innovative solutions. 

With the latest developments related to climate change, and the recognised need to drastically reduce carbon emissions across all sectors to prevent irreversible change, the building sector has responded with various calls to actions including Net Zero Carbon policies and strategies. As signatories to the World Green Building Council, AESG is committed to supporting the construction industry to reach the UK’s Net Zero Carbon Emission targets by 2030 and 2050.

The recognised need for carbon action has been accompanied by increased awareness and concern for occupant-centric design, considering health and wellness across all sectors. Through the application of “healthy building” principles, considering physical occupant health, and design approaches such as biophilia promoting a connection to nature to address mental health issues, AESG supports our clients in the development of healthy spaces leading to increased occupant satisfaction.

AESG’s team is well-versed in the practical and cost-effective development and application of sustainability strategies to not just meet but exceed client’s sustainability expectations and aspirations. This attitude and approach by the team has resulted in the team completing numerous award-winning projects.

Coupled with our “best practice” approach to sustainable design, AESG offers the full range of green building certification services, having achieved several world firsts. Our team is fully versed in a range of local and international third party ratings systems, including LEED, WELL, BREEAM, Estidama and Mostadam, as well as compliance with all local code requirements. AESG’s note-worthy reputation as sustainability professionals has allowed the team to work on some of the most exciting and forward-thinking developments of our time.

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Phillipa Grant
Partner and Global Sustainability Director

Our Services include:
  • Net Zero Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainability Strategies
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Passive Design
  • Energy Engineering
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessments
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Building Certification (LEED, Estidama, WELL, DGBR/Al Sa’fat, BREEAM, Mostadam etc.)