Data Centre Commissioning

Data Centre Commissioning

Commissioning is the process that reviews and tests the data centre’s physical infrastructure design as a holistic system to assure the highest level of reliability and efficiency are achieved, in accordance with the design. Placed in the context of entire data centre deployment, commissioning should be part of the implementation phase, commencing with a commissionability review of the design for optimisation of chiller, pump and fan power, and simplification of design for commissioning and operation.

Data centre commissioning holds many benefits for the data centre developers and owner, such as quicker construction with reduced problems. increased uptime, higher availability and fewer repairs, in addition to fast fixes and fewer changes, reduced costs and increased return on investment.


  • AESG’s Commissioning team form part of our Building Performance team, with experienced engineers in design, commissioning and operation of complex buildings including data centres.
  • We understand the importance of design reviews for Commissioning to achieve optimum performance, as our team possess experience in both the design and commissioning of data centres.
  • We utilize technology to enhance our delivery which saves time and cost, which includes the use of BIM, and electronic document management system where we are engaged to provide the handover documents.
  • Our commissioning reviews of complex buildings include the use of BIM for pre-commissioning air and water systems, which traditionally takes time, has problems and delays projects.
  • Our commissioning reviews are used to achieve the best building performance, through; Use of energy modelling to facilitate advanced commissionability design reviews utilizing proprietary developed algorithms to pre-commission air and water systems in BIM
  • Our on-site commissioning teams are conversant with the importance of IST testing, for safe and efficient operation of all systems, and with design experience can offer solutions when problems are encountered rather than just rejecting tests, which helps speed up completion.
  • We promote the development of Digital Twins for accurate operational assessment of the data centre in use, for reduced operational costs, avoiding breakdowns and prolonging the life of plant and equipment.


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